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The Source Energy Medicine 
Level I Online Workshop...
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is a 3 week online, highly interactive workshop designed to take you from the very basics of SEM to slowing taking measurable steps each week working toward complete mastery of SEM...all with the intention to support you to heal yourself...regardless of the challenges you're currently experiencing.

This workshop is where everyone starts...experienced integrative wellness practitioners as well as individuals who are simply highly interested in learning everything possible about SEM 
to be able to help to themselves, their families and friends...
and who knows...this intensive workshop might just inspire a career change!

The SEM online Level I Online Workshop...
offers the answers to the questions...
you have been asking...
for a very long time!
"We just completed the SEM level I and SEM Mastery workshop and we both found them to be of a very high production quality. 
New content was available every week so as not to overwhelm but let you have time to digest the information and put it in to
practice. Each video module was very well explained.  
In our current job, we travel all over both Canada and the United States and can be gone from our home for extended periods of time
and we were easily able to keep up on our mobile devices while away from home.
What we learned in the workshops was truly awe-inspiring and life-changing especially as
we were able to undertake this journey as a couple.
A great addition to the course content was the weekly webinars, they give us a chance to connect directly with Stephen
and other workshop participants which we very much enjoyed. 
We would highly recommend this course to anyone especially those who consider their health and wellbeing to be of primary importance."
Franco and Marina Morgan, Steinbach , Manitoba Canada
Has trying to heal yourself become a part time job?

Are you spending hundreds of dollars a month...
on herbs, supplements, homeopathics and 
natural remedies?

Do the answers you are seeking always 
seem to allude you?

Well're a lot like I was...before SEM.
My name is Stephen Pollitt
and Source Energy Medicine was born our of intense frustration...stemming from years of trying and tens of thousands of dollars invested...searching for answers...ways to support me to heal myself of several significant, progressive challenges which started when I was in my late 20's

In the a time when I was just about to quit...I was Divinely inspired to create...what has developed into what we now know as Source Energy Medicine.

If you're willing I'd like to share with you everything I learned on my support you to be able to heal yourself...naturally, without chance of negative side-effects, healing reactions, catharsis or healing crisis.

And the SEM technology required is completely FREE!
I invested SO many years...and tens of thousands of dollars... searching for answers...
trying to heal...
for more years than I like to think about.

It literally was a part time job...I had desk drawers filled with herbs, supliments, homeopathics, vibrational medicines, essential oils...
it was so complex...I had schedules and timers set to remind me what to take and when.

I traveled constantly to workshop after workshop...searching for answers.

Everything seemed to have gaps, or limits or limited effectiveness. 

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Take back your time

Save your money

Find the answers you have been searching for

Reclaim your power and your ability to heal yourself

Ultimately...just when I was about to quit...
I was Divinely inspired...
and Source Energy Medicine was created!

And Source Energy Medicine has enabled me to live since 2005 completely free from all the challenges I experienced before SEM and I haven't even had a cold or flu since 2005!
And the transformation was filled with grace, ease and blessings each step along the way.

And I would be honored to share everything I have learned on my journey with you...
I would feel blessed to support you to achieve the transformation you have been searching for and deserve.

Here's what's ahead for you...
Three weeks of exciting, short, topic-specific, empowering videos!

You start and stop  the workshop...when you your own time go at your own pace...AND from the comfort of your own home or office.
  •  No travel expenses!
  •  No time away from home and family!
  •  No time away from work! 
  •  No uncomfortable hotel beds 
Receive unlimited access to the content so you can revisit the material at any time...from any device...and from anywhere in the world! 
All you need is access to the internet!  
“Even though I have had the privilege of participating in numerous SEM live workshops I was still fully engaged in the online online workshop when I went through it the first time.

Reading Stephen’s book Heal Thyself will provide a basic framework for using SEM, however for the serious student and for committed engagement in the process I believe the Level 1 Online workshop is essential.

For anyone new to Source Energy Medicine and to those who may have been on the journey for a while I highly encourage you to pursue the Level 1 online workshop which will provide you with the expanding vision and understanding of the potential for self-healing in every area of your life.

Without the Level 1 workshop, I may not have made the commitment to the SEM journey that has provided me with an amazing expansion of my conscious awareness and the good health that I now enjoy.

Thank you Stephen for being the means by which Source has delivered to the world this healing resource.”
Fern Wolf, Georgetown, Ontario Canada
Weekly, Private, Interactive, Live Webinars

One of the most popular aspects of this workshop is the weekly live webinars.

And it's easy to understand why. The webinars are not just listening on a phone. We utilize an awesome video based, live webinar platform that was carefully selected for its features on my end and ease of use on your end. 

You can ask a question during the webinar by simply typing the question in the question box or you can "raise your hand" and ask your question live on the broadcast. 

The webinars offer a unique opportunity to connect with others exploring SEM, share experiences, and ask questions in a live forum.

The webinars are all recorded and available to replay...whether you're not able to join us live or simply want to replay the webinar. 
Access the Workshop on any computer tablet or smartphone!
How cool is that?!

The same holds true for the live webinars too!

All the tech is super easy on your end and the absolutely best available for both of us!

And we have a small but kind and friendly support team to guide you each step 
of the way!

We have had participants join in from all across the US, Canada and far!
All the Information
Healing yourself, requires you have ALL the information. Understanding fundamental principles of the root causes of all dis-ease, disorders or any area of lack is key to your transformation. If you don't have all the information it's simply not possible...and that certainly was true for me...before SEM. 
A step by step system
Having a step by step outline, a way of working on transforming, balancing and restoring every aspect of your life and the key to long term positive success.
And that's exactly what the SEM Level I workshop provides. 
The SEM Level I online workshop is designed to support you each step along the way.
The pre-recorded videos provide all the technical information, philosophy and pracitcal tools and techniques to support you each step of the way...from complete novice to master of SEM technology. 
And the weekly live webinars provide a unique opportunity to connect live and yet from the comfort of your own home or office and interact with others exploring SEM...and ask questions live. 
Having a community of like-minded people who support and inspire you is infinitely valuable!
The SEM community has been growing consistently since 2005 and is a constant source of expansion and inspiration!
Join this diverse, global community of people all working toward healing themselves, helping their families, friends and communities! 

Exclusive Bonuses for 
This Launch Only!
A 4th week of pre-recorded video content
That's right!
An additional week of pre-recorded video content is included!
And it's priceless content too!

Access to ongoing weekly live webinars
Get on the right path to success and receive the support to keep you there.

Instead of only 6 live webinars I am inviting you to join me every week for an open SEM Level I Q&A live webinar!

Of course the webinars will be recorded and archived in case you're not able to join us live or simply want to re-watch.

This is MASSIVE added value!..designed to support you in your success with SEM 

Offered separately for $222.22.
The SEM Mastery Workshop!

Of all our workshops the content in this one is among my favorite.

And I'm including this exciting three-week online workshop in this an over the top bonus that you definitely want to take advantage of.

This workshop is offered separately for $333.33.

So go the button below and get registered now...and receive all three exciting and exclusive bonuses!

Registration is the button above and register NOW!
“LOVE!, LOVE!, LOVE! the new SEM online workshops.

Stephen has broken the processes down into short video clips that are easy to understand. I can rewind and replay as many times as I want, I can pause to take notes or to practice (hard to do in a live classroom).

Stephen’s playful personality and the course content are a winning combination and appeal to everyone, regardless of learning style.

I initially read Stephen’s book Heal Thyself and took unpaid leave from work to travel to New York and Toronto to attend “in person” workshops (incurred significant expense).

It’s SUPER EXCITING to now have this training available online, from the comfort of our homes. I have found every video to be INSPIRING, ENLIGHTENING and TRANSFORMATIVE!

Watching the online videos has enabled me to refresh and learn new skills, as well as embrace an attitude of “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE."
Carla Zuroff, Houston ,Tx
Start Right NOW!
You have nothing to loose and potentially...
well...honestly...the potential truly is UNLIMITED!

   I am so confident that you are 
going to love this workshop that I am giving you 60 days, risk-free to 
be able to fully explore the content! 

That’s right! If for any reason 
you're not thrilled... 
first and foremost, I personally want to know about it. 

If you decide this workshop is not for you...
I will issue you a complete refund! 
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